Zach Galifianakis Tells David Letterman He's Been Pranking His Brother For Years | Netflix Is A Joke


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  • Lucas Ervin
    Lucas Ervin  3 weeks back

    ~As far as we know, the only husband/wife mime team...
    ~Yes. It usually ends in divorce.

    • Laura Fulmer
      Laura Fulmer  3 weeks back

      Is the laugh track supposed to be ironic?

    • Ulysses Llewyn
      Ulysses Llewyn  3 weeks back

      Does anyone know how can I watch Between two ferns both of them shot few month ago? It was on this channel but now It’s gone :(

      • WildNCrazyGuy
        WildNCrazyGuy  3 weeks back

        is it me or was zach shaking the whole time?

        • WildNCrazyGuy
          WildNCrazyGuy  3 weeks back

          @Doogal yeah but Zach has interviewed and starred with hundreds of famous celebrities so I thought it was odd he shook so much. nerves usually fade away once you have been a huge star in Hollywood for decades

        • Doogal
          Doogal  3 weeks back

          He seemed nervous. Which is no surprise

      • john probst
        john probst  4 weeks back

        didnt catch where he pranked lettermans brother.

        • john probst
          john probst  3 weeks back

          guess im a pendantic tit with points of obtusifness, thank you.

        • Buckhorn Cortez
          Buckhorn Cortez  3 weeks back

          The sentence is structured the same way as, "throw the horse over the fence some hay." If you look at it long enough and aren't a pedantic twit attempting to make an obtuse point, you'll get the meaning...

        • Dawood Jawad
          Dawood Jawad  3 weeks back

          He pranks his own brother...

      • J. W. Fernando
        J. W. Fernando  4 weeks back

        It's clear that David loves Zack.

        • chickenmonger123
          chickenmonger123  4 weeks back

          I genuinely enjoy both of these people separately in interviews and conversations. It’s better together.

          • The Lyle
            The Lyle  4 weeks back

            Did you guys misprint the thumbnail title so you could write David Letterman has been?

            • chips1a
              chips1a  4 weeks back

              Zach G is probably the best comedian today, but you have to pay attention and listen closely to his jokes or you miss  out.  He is so brilliant.

              • Swat Kats
                Swat Kats  4 weeks back

                Why the hell am I watching this. I think I need help.

                • Swat Kats
                  Swat Kats  4 weeks back

                  Never Again I bet"" how in the world do you have 2 mill subscribers and I don't like you. Iam confused but maybe it makes perfect sense.

                • Starlight Runner
                  Starlight Runner  4 weeks back

                  @Swat Kats Cool, man. Oh, I like your SN, too. I used to watch "SWAT Kats" when I was a kid lol.

                • Swat Kats
                  Swat Kats  4 weeks back

                  Never Again ya got me! This makes complete sense now. Thank you so much for your wisdom!

                • Starlight Runner
                  Starlight Runner  4 weeks back

                  If you don't know why you're watching this, and you feel like you need help, maybe this video was/is meant to help you.

                  Consider that thought, for a moment.


              • Anirudh panicker
                Anirudh panicker  4 weeks back

                The weirdest,funniest 1 to 1 interview I've ever seen.

                • Hananel Dahan
                  Hananel Dahan  4 weeks back

                  santa came a little late i think...

                • Samuel Sam
                  Samuel Sam  4 weeks back

                  These talk show hosts never really quit. Or do they?

                • Imad Amer
                  Imad Amer  4 weeks back

                  Why is David Letterman pranking Zachs brother?

                  • Imad Amer
                    Imad Amer  4 weeks back

                    @Cheesers Came Back the title is so confusing 😂

                  • Cheesers Came Back
                    Cheesers Came Back  4 weeks back

                    Ha, I read it the other way. I thought this vid was going to be about zach revealing to Letterman that he (zach) has been messing with Letterman's lil bro or something like that.

                • Lenana Faraj
                  Lenana Faraj  4 weeks back

                  these dude is dope asf

                  • jamanoor abuu khalid
                    jamanoor abuu khalid  4 weeks back


                    • kalle kanin
                      kalle kanin  4 weeks back

                      the title makes no sense

                      • RedLightMax
                        RedLightMax  4 weeks back

                        kalle kanin Zac Galifianakis Tells David That Letterman Has Been Pranking His Brother For Years.😐

                      • Johnathan Flett
                        Johnathan Flett  4 weeks back

                        U just made me blow at my phone for no reason

                    • Drall Trolls
                      Drall Trolls  4 weeks back

                      missing two plants named fern

                    • Vishnu Sagar
                      Vishnu Sagar  4 weeks back

                      Wanted to be the first to comment but I'm second

                    • Ryan Blumton
                      Ryan Blumton  4 weeks back

                      very good