Snoop Dogg Wants To Buy Sunnyvale | Trailer Park Boys | Netflix Is A Joke


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  • WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss

    If your gonna get into this show do not watch past season 7. Season 7 is when it ends.

    • John Flanagan
      John Flanagan  4 weeks back

      Snoop Dog reminds me.of the used Tampon that king Charles ate.I love the trailer park boys though.

      • Free Safety Big play maker

        Awesome just awesome 😀

        • Kobe GOAT Bryant #24
          Kobe GOAT Bryant #24  4 weeks back

          The most famous rapper of all-time!

          • Nin10do generation
            Nin10do generation  4 weeks back

            How can snoop disrespect J-roc like that? know what I'm sayin? sure he might be a bit of a fuckin goof, but, he grew up on snoop and looked up to the OG kings of the rap game back in the day, and gets blown off like that? Snoop owes J-roc an apology

            • MLGJan
              MLGJan  1 days back

              I mean.... J rock is kinda lame and small. Specially around snoop.

            • Jeremiah Reifenrath
              Jeremiah Reifenrath  4 weeks back

              For real.

          • Akilan Narayanaswamy
            Akilan Narayanaswamy  4 weeks back

            Why is this on Netflix is a Joke

            • Kenny Kivuva
              Kenny Kivuva  4 weeks back

              Snooby ddoooby fan😂😂😂😂

              • Mike Muffler
                Mike Muffler  4 weeks back

                "Disneyland ain't got sh*t on this place" - Snoop #Sunnyvale

                • merickful
                  merickful  4 weeks back

                  None of us here would survive a night with Snoop. As much as we all smoke...our collective efforts STILL wouldn't come close ONE of his blunts.

                  • merickful
                    merickful  3 weeks back


                    Well, when you have 20+ year career in shaping and molding an entire genre of music, with the fame and fortune and all the caviats that accompany such things...I'll take your word.

                    Until then....get the fuck out of here flat-earther.

                  • 3232myke
                    3232myke  3 weeks back

                    You have no clue , I'll smoke Snoop back to his mammas house wen he was a baby , Thats all I do is smoke he can't keep up wit me

                  • merickful
                    merickful  4 weeks back


                    Different planet, same solar system though. A contender for sure. We need an Olympic event for this.

                  • Monkadelic
                    Monkadelic  4 weeks back

                    [Willie Nelson] has entered the chat.

                • North
                  North  4 weeks back

                  I miss this show!!!!!

                  • Shawn Pyper
                    Shawn Pyper  4 weeks back

                    Snoop is garbage

                    • Green Envy
                      Green Envy  4 weeks back

                      Charlotte's web catches things just like flies.

                      Look out, here comes the Charlotte web.

                      • Chris B
                        Chris B  4 weeks back

                        Why put this on my feed? 4.50 summarises why the US is truly, epically, totally and irredeemably [email protected]

                        • Chris B
                          Chris B  4 weeks back

                          @Akilan Narayanaswamy reinforces my argument, Canada's already [email protected] lmfao. Another 4 years of Trudeau and this scene will be a social documentary of everyday Canadian life. Except they'll probably also be transgendered, gender fluid, pussy hat wearing 3rd world retards

                        • Akilan Narayanaswamy
                          Akilan Narayanaswamy  4 weeks back

                          Lol theyre not in the US theyre in Canada

                        • JonnyUnderrated
                          JonnyUnderrated  4 weeks back

                          @merickful a lot of stoners have done great things. It doesnt make you not care (maybe for some idiots) it makes a lot of people think a bit more...wich is generally a positive thing.

                        • merickful
                          merickful  4 weeks back

                          But 420 makes us not give a shit. An equally terrifying prospect.

                      • Pa ca
                        Pa ca  4 weeks back

                        I love tom Arnold...he a fool !!! Snoop knows it !!

                        • Stretchy Balls
                          Stretchy Balls  4 weeks back

                          Love how snoop pulls down the glasses, you expect him to look angry as shit but he baked af like always hahaha my man

                          • Monkadelic
                            Monkadelic  4 weeks back

                            J-roc thinks hes a 1/4 of snoop, IE his rap is whack as SNOW or vanilla ice.

                        • Kris Tucker
                          Kris Tucker  4 weeks back

                          poor Snoop this looks so cringey

                          • Swetty Spaghtti
                            Swetty Spaghtti  4 weeks back

                            this clip is super old

                            • J to the R-O-C
                              J to the R-O-C  4 weeks back

                              Get at a mawfk Snoop when you come to your senses dawg, nomesayin

                              • John Paul Lafferty
                                John Paul Lafferty  4 weeks back

                                Snoop for President. He could be totally Baked and having his worst day ever and still be 10 times smarter than the person currently holding this office now! If the Republicans could just partake in some of that Hazy Grayzy they wouldn’t be such assholes!! Smoke on in 2020 at 420!!

                                • DjCatani
                                  DjCatani  4 weeks back

                                  Was this supposed to be funny? I must've missed the funny part

                                  • Angela Hutson
                                    Angela Hutson  4 weeks back

                                    @DjCatani I'm from the south, I talk however the fuck I want ,and really? You have to stalk my fuckin profile to come up with a comeback? And bring up that I like meditation?

                                  • DjCatani
                                    DjCatani  4 weeks back

                                    @Angela Hutson have a profile pic and I was actually curious what white woman would have such a ghetto language/attitude? Then I saw that you have a meditation playlist and made me chuckle. There's nothing to come back from actually, have a good day. Let's move on the both of us.

                                  • Angela Hutson
                                    Angela Hutson  4 weeks back

                                    @DjCatani Did you really look on my page just so you would have a come back? LMFAO! What, I can't meditate and still tell you to show Snoop some respect? Basic

                                  • JonnyUnderrated
                                    JonnyUnderrated  4 weeks back

                                    youve missed a lot of things Catani. Like the time I snuck in your window and made sweet loveto your sexy 18 year old sister.

                                  • DjCatani
                                    DjCatani  4 weeks back

                                    @ontariobuds I know... That's why it's even sadder

                                • Steven Thomas
                                  Steven Thomas  4 weeks back

                                  Where Bubbles at....?

                                  • Monkadelic
                                    Monkadelic  4 weeks back

                                    mike produces this shit, so hes aroudn

                                • JNYC Rhino Bless
                                  JNYC Rhino Bless  4 weeks back


                                  • bill nalder
                                    bill nalder  4 weeks back

                                    Wait what????...this implies Snoop may smoke marijuana!!!..i thought he was an accomplished musician, does that mean others in that field may also partake?

                                    • bill nalder
                                      bill nalder  4 weeks back

                                      @Monkadelic haha, ya no kidding!!

                                    • Monkadelic
                                      Monkadelic  4 weeks back

                                      i guess peoplethink outstanding citizens like willlie nelson smokes illegaldrugs also.. and tommy chong also? what are these people thinking?

                                    • merickful
                                      merickful  4 weeks back

                                      No this implies that he is an accomplished smoker and partakes in music.

                                  • kelly tate
                                    kelly tate  4 weeks back

                                    My cousin is a fool!!! I love this show and I didn’t know it was still on!

                                    • Monkadelic
                                      Monkadelic  4 weeks back

                                      its starting to fade out after John Dunsworth passed away. They did one season since, and it to me was a very BAD depiction treating him like that in his last episodes. My Lahey imo WAS trailer park boys. They need to just let it go and pursue new things like swearnet

                                    • SICKBOI MEME
                                      SICKBOI MEME  4 weeks back

                                      It’s really good!!!

                                  • Jennifer Woodcock
                                    Jennifer Woodcock  4 weeks back

                                    One of my favs! 😉

                                    • Monter Glasper
                                      Monter Glasper  4 weeks back

                                      Snoop a fool LMMAO haha... He told old girl, "I like the way you hold that". 😅😅😅