Seth Rogen Has A Funny Bone For Chicken | The Chef Show | Netflix Is A Joke


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  • MrAustinsights
    MrAustinsights  2 weeks back

    Had Seth Rogan been an actor forty years ago, two things would be happening: 1) An exponential amount of money would be wasted on his laugh ending up on the cutting room floor, and 2) He'd be getting kickbacks from local film processing service shops with a thank you note inside.

    • PaeronSodan
      PaeronSodan  4 weeks back

      His name is Rogen, though.

      • John Possum
        John Possum  4 weeks back

        When are you going to have JB Smoove on?

        • RUGGED LIFE
          RUGGED LIFE  4 weeks back

          Eat responsibly!

          • Michael Shannon
            Michael Shannon  4 weeks back


            • Ms Bliss
              Ms Bliss  4 weeks back

              Too gutless to go to North Korea... 🤭

              • Randy Rush
                Randy Rush  4 weeks back

                I'm so sick of seeing this goon and the snatch on his greasy assface.
                He isn't talented at all. Just a dumb, overplayed, overpaid clown Seth Weinstein should be what he's called.

                • RUGGED LIFE
                  RUGGED LIFE  4 weeks back

                  Put some peanut butter on that jelly.

              • Arkhzeus
                Arkhzeus  4 weeks back

                Seth Rogan isn't funny even a little bit.

                • Aboaiah
                  Aboaiah  4 weeks back

                  Literally no one:

                  Seth Rogan: HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA

                  • Daundre S.
                    Daundre S.  4 weeks back

                    Seth looks good lol that damn laugh...

                    • Krzysztof
                      Krzysztof  4 weeks back

                      He got slim

                      • Randy Rush
                        Randy Rush  4 weeks back

                        Yet he's still dumb as a pile of dicks.

                    • Gregory Megatron
                      Gregory Megatron  4 weeks back

                      Quote something Seth Rogan said in this video and add a cry laughing emoji at the end.

                      • Sting Cool
                        Sting Cool  4 weeks back

                        Where was the joke?

                        • Off_White_Arab
                          Off_White_Arab  4 weeks back

                          Hi I'm Seth Rogan and my laugh makes you laugh. Also my voice sounds like I should clear my throat.

                          • Michael McDermott
                            Michael McDermott  4 weeks back

                            That looks fukin good.

                            • Ruth Dunn
                              Ruth Dunn  4 weeks back

                              Go away