Fortune Feimster Went To Hooters For Her Birthday | Netflix Is A Joke


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  • MJ Creative
    MJ Creative  1 weeks back

    omgggg I was totally a closeted southerner and my fam took me to Hooters for my 16th! The standing on the stool thing is totally true haha

    • MJ Creative
      MJ Creative  2 days back

      I will befriend fortune y'all mark my words 🤣

  • camdon king
    camdon king  4 weeks back

    What sensible human being can't appreciate a good boob?

    • Ace Hardy
      Ace Hardy  4 weeks back


      • vic aldama
        vic aldama  4 weeks back

        She's funny as hell on Theo Vons podcast ! Netflix is just bad clippers! Papa Bill verified!

        • N J
          N J  4 weeks back

          Did she come out in Bad Santa?

        • Grey Ang
          Grey Ang  4 weeks back

          I had about the same experience but as a gay man... I wasn't amused by it at all. I was brought to a brothel one day and oh my god titties everywhere, God help me. But I am not interested in titties! They did the parade thing and I'm like oh no there must be a misunderstanding here. I was expected to pick a girl and I'm like, no sorry my dick totally shrunken inwards right now.

          Love Fortune for being real with her experiences! This is what happens when LGBT people get dragged into heteronormative activities lol.

          • Steve Whittier
            Steve Whittier  4 weeks back


            • Mike Law
              Mike Law  4 weeks back

              Wait, her name is FORTUNE?

              • Julie Waters
                Julie Waters  4 weeks back

                No, that's her middle name (it's her mother's grandmother's maiden name).

            • Savage Nectar
              Savage Nectar  4 weeks back

              Are the wingz good ? Serious question .

              • scot woodz
                scot woodz  4 weeks back

                I sure hope that didn’t scar Him for life....... : )

                • Dan Sullivan
                  Dan Sullivan  4 weeks back

                  The funniest thing is that she said elsewhere that she now loves going to Hooters. Too bad that didn't make the clip.

                  • Dan Sullivan
                    Dan Sullivan  4 weeks back

                    The funniest thing is that she said elsewhere that she now loves going to Hooters. Too bad that didn't make the clip.

                    • P Conner
                      P Conner  4 weeks back

                      It takes more than naming yourself something ridiculous and lots of attitude to actually be funny. Right Whoopi Goldberg?

                      • Moderately Amused
                        Moderately Amused  2 weeks back

                        @Katie Holland Well it's her middle name but not sure where "P" was going with it anyway. Not only is the chick funny, every comedian that talks about her thinks she is hilarious. There is a reason why she has been the opening act for the biggest names over the last few years.

                      • Katie Holland
                        Katie Holland  3 weeks back

                        P Conner That is her name!

                    • Señor Guapo
                      Señor Guapo  4 weeks back

                      When did Michael Rappaport and Thurman Merman from Bad Santa have a kid?

                      A painfully unfunny kid...

                      • T G
                        T G  4 weeks back

                        Y’all need to put aside gender and sexual orientation, and just call it what it is.. bad comedy

                        • Raul Gutierrez-Solis
                          Raul Gutierrez-Solis  3 days back

                          I’m from California and I thought it was funny

                        • Grey Ang
                          Grey Ang  4 weeks back

                          Nope it's hilarious and that's not bad comedy.

                        • C j
                          C j  4 weeks back

                          I thought she was great. Maybe being from right by Belmont. I understood most of the regional jokes

                        • Salma Baloch
                          Salma Baloch  4 weeks back

                          Horrible comedy. She sucked

                        • Da Royal General
                          Da Royal General  4 weeks back

                          @T G

                          *well damn now tg!!*

                      • Superfly Dean
                        Superfly Dean  4 weeks back

                        Lame af watched the whole Netflix special and didn't laugh once 🙈must be a Lesbian thing

                        • J to the R-O-C
                          J to the R-O-C  4 weeks back

                          Who doesn't love titties

                          • Luis Villanueva
                            Luis Villanueva  4 weeks back

                            Why does she bullshit and say birthday right until it's her only word and than its burtts day

                            • Nella N
                              Nella N  4 weeks back

                              she finally got a special! if you like comedy like I do she's been arnd and funny as heck! hope this special help grow ur career...

                              • VirAmicusSpaceTime
                                VirAmicusSpaceTime  2 weeks back

                                Yes a great show. I laughed so hard a many times. She did an amazing job!

                              • Nella N
                                Nella N  4 weeks back

                                @Luke Carlin opinion not fact

                              • Luke Carlin
                                Luke Carlin  4 weeks back

                                She's not funny

                            • Michael Duran
                              Michael Duran  4 weeks back

                              The number of people that will be pissed that hooters doesn’t do this anymore.

                              • FR Bmp
                                FR Bmp  4 weeks back

                                Is she expecting?

                                • TeraTonTom
                                  TeraTonTom  4 weeks back

                                  @T0nyMc716 And now you've deviated from the conversation at hand. Have a good day, dumbass lol

                                • T0nyMc716
                                  T0nyMc716  4 weeks back

                                  @TeraTonTom you must be new to the internet

                                • TeraTonTom
                                  TeraTonTom  4 weeks back

                                  @T0nyMc716 Wow, clever bait there dude. I'm talking about your softheaded idea of what constitutes saving lives.

                                • T0nyMc716
                                  T0nyMc716  4 weeks back

                                  @TeraTonTom hey who you calling fat

                                • TeraTonTom
                                  TeraTonTom  4 weeks back

                                  @T0nyMc716 Quite like thinking calling out fat people is "saving" them.

                              • Josh Kelley
                                Josh Kelley  4 weeks back

                                Is that comedian a boy or a girl

                              • J.B. Southeastern
                                J.B. Southeastern  4 weeks back

                                Funny material 😂😎

                                • VirAmicusSpaceTime
                                  VirAmicusSpaceTime  2 weeks back

                                  Just watched it!!! yes sooo sooo politics and very clean and funny! Now I like all kinds of humor but this is something I can actually recommend to people across the board. <3 Comedy is often about taste and understanding - relating and felt the show was greatly relatable to all people - very personable. Just out loud laughing a many times I did!!!